Why Should I Get AppleCare?

Just bought your brand new Apple Device, and thinking if you should have invested in the extended warranty. It is very expensive? Is it worth the purchase? Well find out how it works and why we think you really should really get it.

How AppleCare works

AppleCare is an insurance policy for your devices. You pay an up-front cost to cover any potential problems. But more precisely, AppleCare plans extend the length of your hardware coverage for both repairs and support. Apple offers four separate plans—for Macs and Apple displays, iPads, iPods, and Apple TVs.

AppleCare+ (AppleCare Plus) is not available in Malaysia.

How long it extends support: For Macs and displays, AppleCare gets you a total of three years’ support—in other words, it extends phone support by 33 months and the limited warranty by two years (for a total of three years).

For all other products—iPads, iPods, and Apple TVs—AppleCare gives you a total of two years of support.

Apple Care Malaysia

Apple Care Malaysia

When to buy it: It’s easiest to buy AppleCare when you buy your new hardware, but you don’t have to purchase it that way. For Macs, displays, iPods, and Apple TVs, you can buy an AppleCare Protection Plan at any time during the one-year warranty period.

Where to send for repair: You can deliver your product for servicing, by carry-in (Apple Stores or Authorised Service Providers) or by calling in the AppleCare hotline to arrange a pick up for your iMac & MacBook

As for iPad, you will have to send it in to the authorised service providers.

What AppleCare covers (and costs)

AppleCare for iMac – RM 635 
AppleCare for MacPro – RM 847
AppleCare for MacBook Pro 15″ – RM 1271
AppleCare for MacBook Air / MacBook Pro 13″ – RM847
AppleCare for Display – RM 370
AppleCare for iPad – RM 264  
Prices Based on Malaysia AppleCare Prices (GST Included)

So what does an AppleCare plan actually get you? The answer varies depending on the product. You’ll find links to the specific pages for each product on the main AppleCare page in the Apple Store. Here are the basics:

Mac support: For Macs, AppleCare offers parts-and-labor repair coverage from Apple-authorized technicians for the computer, its included accessories (power adapter, for example), and any Apple-supplied RAM. A Mac plan also covers AirPort hardware (purchased up to two years before your Mac purchase or during the term of your AppleCare plan), an Apple USB SuperDrive (for the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Retina display, iMac, and Mac mini), and an Apple display purchased at the same time as, and on the same receipt as, your Mac.Apple Care Malaysia

Add years to your (Mac’s) life.

In additional to hardware coverage, AppleCare also gives you access to some software support. Have questions about OS X, iLife, and iWork? Can’t connect to your printer or your AirPort networks?

AppleCare for desktop hardware generally costs less than or the same as support for laptops (see price chart below). That makes sense when you consider that portables are more accident-prone and have smaller, more-expensive components.

iPad support: Extend your service and support coverage to two years from the date you purchased your iPad. Get repair coverage for your iPad, iPad battery, and included USB cable and power adaptor.

AppleCare Plus is not available in Malaysia. So do not drop and break your device.

Display support: If you buy AppleCare support for your Apple display for RM370, the plan will extend your support to three years. Beside the display itself, it covers the built-in camera, mic, and speakers; and the power cord. It also includes telephone assistance.

Good wherever you go: Keep in mind that AppleCare plans are global, so if you’re traveling and have a problem, or your child jets off to spend her junior year abroad in Amsterdam, you’ve covered

Should you pay for AppleCare?

Whether AppleCare is worth the extra expense will depend on many factors, but here are a few general questions to ask yourself.

Do you use the device for work? If so, consider whether you could do without your device for an extended period of time or be able to come up with the money to repair it on short notice. For a few hundred dollars, AppleCare could give you a guarantee that is well worth the money.

Is it better to just set aside some money in a “repair fund” instead? AppleCare is basically an insurance policy, so the main question for you is whether the up-front costs are worth the peace of mind they bring with them. Would you rather set aside some money in case of an accident or pay up front and know that if your Mac’s logic board goes bad in two years, you won’t have to pay RM 2000 to fix it?

Should you only consider AppleCare if you plan to get it for all your hardware? If you’re a family with multiple computers, phones, and tablets, the cost for AppleCare can quickly add up. Each device is different, and the chances of them all needing service within the coverage period are slim, so you’re better off targeting the portable devices, those used by the kids, or the ones you know you’ll be keeping for a long time. Save your money on the other products.

If you don’t live near an Apple Store, does AppleCare make sense? Although it’s convenient to be able to walk into the local Apple Store with a misbehaving MacBook Air, that’s not the only way to get service. If your town has no Apple Store, AppleCare plans actually give you options you wouldn’t otherwise have: You can talk to Apple about an issue, and if the company decides it’s a problem covered by AppleCare, it will usually send you a box to ship your device in, fix the device, and then send it back to you. As mentioned earlier, AppleCare also works with authorized repair facilities. You can find them by choosing your desired country and following the links on Apple’s site.

Do you keep your hardware for a long time, or do you upgrade often? If you’re the type of person who buys a new Mac every year (hey, some people can swing it), then AppleCare may be somewhat pointless. But if you’re like most people, chances are you’re going to keep stuff around longer. Keep in mind that if you sell (or give away) your hardware, you can transfer the ownership of the AppleCare plan, which adds value to the sale price if you want to upgrade after a few years.

Breaking it down

Mac desktops: AppleCare for desktops is relatively inexpensive, which might make it tempting, but it’s still not really worth it when you figure that you’ll probably plop your computer down in one place and keep it there for a while. Desktop Macs are also pretty reliable.

However, It is still a good insurance to have knowing the support is there for year 2 & 3.

Verdict: Yes

MacBooks: Considering all the goodness packed into such a small package, a lot can go wrong with a laptop over several years. I generally buy AppleCare with my portable Macs.

Verdict: Yes

iPads: AppleCare+ is almost a no-brainer for iPhones and iPads. However, AppleCare+ is not available in Malaysia. However, AppleCare in Malaysia is not that expensive if you compare with the Price you are already paying for the iPad.

Verdict: Yes


Personally, I will get AppleCare for all my devices. Anything above RM 2500, to use for 1 year is a little risky for me. I’ve experience Hardisk Failure & MacBook Display failing. Those devices was expensive to replace, and ended up not repairing it as it might be better to buy a new Macbook.

So as a company or even personal use, there is no loss investing a little more just to get the ease of mind knowing that your device will last at least 3 years!

Now how do I get it? 

We at Knack Tech will assist you on signing up for AppleCare via our AppleCare Connect Portal. 

Feel free to Contact Us to find out how you can Extend all your devices with AppleCare.