Pokemon Go Level Up Guide!


Pokémon Go is finally playable in Malaysia, have you started catching your very own Pokémon!?

If you did you must know what Pokestops, Gyms, Stardust, Candies and the other goodies is all about!

Dreading the slow levelling experience?
Taking too long to grow your cute Pokémon into killer monsters?!

Pokémon Guide – Uno

The higher level you achieve, you will obtain new items such as Potions, Crystals, Razzberries and others. All these goodies can be obtained at Pokestops. One of the yummy goodies is the Lucky Egg, which you will receive when you hit Level 9. Gather all these eggs like its a bloody family jewel, as this baby gives you double XP!

Find a PokeStop with an already active Lure Module (I’ve spotted 2 places with crazy lures around like christmas tornados, JAYA 1 &  Sunway Pyramid, Pretty much hit the malls!) and activate your Lucky Egg so that when the Pokémons start spawning, all the ones you catch will confer you double XP. Bonus: if you catch a new one that isn’t already in your Pokedex, boom! That’s 1,200 XP (100 XP + 500 XP multiplied by two) in your pocket.

Pokémon Guide – DOS

Line up a whole lot of Pidgeys, Weedles and other commonly found but comparatively low-ranking Pokémons like Ratatas to evolve to get double XP from their evolution. Pidgeys are considered the best because they’re cheap and cheerful – each Pidgey comes with three Candies, and if you transfer it to the Professor as well, you get another candy – that’s a total of four Candies per Pidgey . Considering it only takes 12 Candies to evolve one Pidgey, they’re the most worthwhile evolution.

Some reports say that the first Pidgey evolution with a Lucky Egg active will net you 2,000 XP with 1,000 XP for subsequent ones – meaning if you evolve 10 Pidgeys, you’ll get 2,000 XP for the first one plus 9,000 for the other nine Pidgeys. Going by that math, it should be well worth your time to line up as many different types of Pokémons to evolve as you can manage to leverage that first 2,000 XP for every different type.

Pokémon Guide – TRES

If however you’re after maximum bang for your buck and you can handle evolving all your captured Pokémons and collecting new Pokémons within half an hour, then maximise your gains by combining Options 1 & 2 – drop a Lure Module and Incense at the same time as your Lucky Egg, so that you can get the best of both worlds, namely higher XP for normal captures and evolutions.

Once you’re done with that, walk around and activate the PokeStops to collect double the amount of XP you’d get from PokeStops as well within that half an hour.

Just hit those pokestops and don’t drive and play lah…dangerous lah

Good luck in  your Pokémon Go QUEST!


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