iPhone 6 is Back

First Look – iPhone 6

iPhone 6 features a stunning 4.7-inch Retina HD display, A8 chip with 64-bit desktop architecture, LTE wireless, Touch ID, and 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels and advanced video capabilities, all in a seamless design that feels great to hold and use.


Capacity : 32G

Finish : Gold

Key messages


  • Seamless unibody design that feels great to hold and use

Retina HD display

  • 4.7-inch at 1334-by-750 resolution
  • Dual-domain pixels for brilliant colours and higher contrast with wider-angle viewing
  • Use Reachability and the entire screen shifts down closer to your thumb

A8 chip with 64-bit architecture

  • Apple-designed chip is both powerful and power efficient for great performance and long battery life
  • Up to 25 percent faster CPU and 50 percent faster graphics performance than the A7 chip in iPhone 5s

M8 motion coprocessor

  • Measures motion data with advanced sensors including a barometer

8MP iSight and FaceTime HD cameras

  • 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels for great autofocus
  • Lighten or darken a photo with new exposure control
  • Record video in 1080p HD at 30 or 60 fps
  • Time-lapse to create amazing videos
  • Continuous autofocus provides constant focus as you capture video footage
  • Capture slo-mo in 120 and 240 fps
  • Front-facing FaceTime HD camera for video calls and selfies

Fast LTE and Wi-Fi

  • Supports LTE for access to fast data networks around the world1
  • Support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2

Great battery life

  • Up to 14 hours of 3G talk time, and up to 10 hours of LTE browsing and 11 hours of Wi-Fi browsing

Touch ID—fingerprint identity sensor

  • A fast, easy, and secure way to unlock your iPhone and log in to apps using your fingerprint
  • Approve purchases from iTunes, App Store and iBooks Store with Touch ID
  • Use Apple Pay and Touch ID to pay in stores and within apps2
  • With Apple Pay, payments are quick, easy and secure2

iOS 102

  • Express yourself in bold new ways in Messages
  • Find your route with beautifully designed Maps
  • Relive memories like never before in Photos
  • Use the power of Siri in more apps than ever

Apps from the App Store, plus books, movies, and more3

  • More than 2 million apps and games in the App Store — many of them are free
  • Download your favourite movies, music and more from the iTunes Store

Essential additions

  • iPhone Lightning Dock — Black, Space Grey, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold or White

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Pokemon Go Level Up Guide!


Pokémon Go is finally playable in Malaysia, have you started catching your very own Pokémon!?

If you did you must know what Pokestops, Gyms, Stardust, Candies and the other goodies is all about!

Dreading the slow levelling experience?
Taking too long to grow your cute Pokémon into killer monsters?!

Pokémon Guide – Uno

The higher level you achieve, you will obtain new items such as Potions, Crystals, Razzberries and others. All these goodies can be obtained at Pokestops. One of the yummy goodies is the Lucky Egg, which you will receive when you hit Level 9. Gather all these eggs like its a bloody family jewel, as this baby gives you double XP!

Find a PokeStop with an already active Lure Module (I’ve spotted 2 places with crazy lures around like christmas tornados, JAYA 1 &  Sunway Pyramid, Pretty much hit the malls!) and activate your Lucky Egg so that when the Pokémons start spawning, all the ones you catch will confer you double XP. Bonus: if you catch a new one that isn’t already in your Pokedex, boom! That’s 1,200 XP (100 XP + 500 XP multiplied by two) in your pocket.

Pokémon Guide – DOS

Line up a whole lot of Pidgeys, Weedles and other commonly found but comparatively low-ranking Pokémons like Ratatas to evolve to get double XP from their evolution. Pidgeys are considered the best because they’re cheap and cheerful – each Pidgey comes with three Candies, and if you transfer it to the Professor as well, you get another candy – that’s a total of four Candies per Pidgey . Considering it only takes 12 Candies to evolve one Pidgey, they’re the most worthwhile evolution.

Some reports say that the first Pidgey evolution with a Lucky Egg active will net you 2,000 XP with 1,000 XP for subsequent ones – meaning if you evolve 10 Pidgeys, you’ll get 2,000 XP for the first one plus 9,000 for the other nine Pidgeys. Going by that math, it should be well worth your time to line up as many different types of Pokémons to evolve as you can manage to leverage that first 2,000 XP for every different type.

Pokémon Guide – TRES

If however you’re after maximum bang for your buck and you can handle evolving all your captured Pokémons and collecting new Pokémons within half an hour, then maximise your gains by combining Options 1 & 2 – drop a Lure Module and Incense at the same time as your Lucky Egg, so that you can get the best of both worlds, namely higher XP for normal captures and evolutions.

Once you’re done with that, walk around and activate the PokeStops to collect double the amount of XP you’d get from PokeStops as well within that half an hour.

Just hit those pokestops and don’t drive and play lah…dangerous lah

Good luck in  your Pokémon Go QUEST!


OrangeMonkie – Foldio2 Professional Portable Lightbox in Malaysia

Foldio2 is the first portable and foldable design studio for smartphone by a Korean startup called OrangeMonkie. It allows anybody to easily take studio-quality pictures. Get your own portable studio to create high-quality pictures at your finger tips.

Usual lightbox from camera shops ranges from RM 300 – RM 2000, based on the quality and size. This is without the lighting set up.
Foldio2 makes it easy for consumer & businesses to create professional product images with various backgrounds. The lightbox comes with built in LED Lighting Stripes that brightness can be adjusted.

You can easily set it up in any location, either for food photography, product photography, figure photography, and others.

Foldio come with two different size, Foldio2 15-inch and Foldio1 10-inch.
Now everybody able to take picture like a pro with Foldio2.

Foldio2 is the newest instalment from OrangeMonkie which is a successful Kickstarter Project.

Foldio2 Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Foldio2 Successful Kickstarter Campaign

KnackTech have been Appointed as an Official  Distributor for OrangeMonkie Foldio 2.
We are the first and only Foldio2 Distributor in Malaysia.

If you are keen on Foldio2 and is waiting for the next Foldio360, stay tuned!

You can purchase Foldio2 directly from our online partner:  Giftxie.com

Contact us if you are a reseller interested in carrying Foldio2!

5 best iPhone features on Apple’s iOS 9

Fancy the new iOS9, here are the top functions you might find handy

If you have an iPhone 4s or newer, the update can be found in your settings menu. It’s 1.4GB in size so you’ll need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to download it.

While it might look like much hasn’t changed on the surface, there are a great new features that should have you updating your iPhone right this second.

Unknown caller suggestions

As someone who constantly has unsaved numbers ringing me, this feature is a godsend. In iOS 9, your iPhone now has the ability to suggest callers you don’t have in your contacts. It doesn’t work for every number, but if you’ve emailed someone and their phone number is in their signature it will match that up and suggest that person.

Caller Suggestion

Caller Suggestion

Simple, but handy.

Battery life

Apple users have long had a problem with their iPhone’s battery life. Thankfully, Apple has promised iOS 9 to be more power efficient and includes a low-power mode to save battery even further. This works much the same way that similar modes do on Android by dimming the screen and limiting apps that run in the background.

Without battery saver mode on, you can expect to see around an hour of extra battery life per day. With it on, expect to see around 3 extra hours of battery life per charge.

Battery Saving iPhone

Battery Saving Feature

Want to squeeze the most out of your phone?Source:

It can predict what apps you want to use

Apple’s calling this feature “triggers,” and basically allows your iPhone to make an educated guess to which app you’ll want to use based on a particular action.

An example Apple has given is if you plug your headphones in at the same time each day and open Apple Music of Spotify, it will eventually work out your schedule and launch the app automatically when the headphones are plugged in.

Siri is also suggesting what you might want

Hoping to give the iPhone a Google Now alternative, Siri has been updated to now offer her own suggestions. This includes anything from apps you might want to use, places you might want to visit or people you might want to talk to. As Siri learns more about you, eventually she can do things such as making suggestions based on where you are or what time of day it is.

You can hide all those naked selfies at once

Got some risque images in your gallery that you might be worried about people seeing when they look at your photos? In iOS 9 you can hide all those photos at once. In your camera roll, tap Select and choose all the images you wish to hide. Then tap the share button in the bottom-left corner and choose Hide.

If you have an iPad, there are even more neat new features like split-screen multi-tasking and the ability to watch a video while doing other things. Now if only those features came to the iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple is upgrading the Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard

To put it mildly, Apple’s input device roster hasn’t changed much in recent years. The Magic Mouse hasn’t really been touched since 2009, and the Wireless Keyboard is even older than that. The Cupertino crew must be ready to shake things up, though: regulatory filings for both a Magic Mouse 2 and an updated Wireless Keyboard have shown up at the FCC. It’s not certain how the external designs will change (there’s no peek at the top of either model), but they’re definitely going to get an internal upgrade. The peripherals are jumping from Bluetooth 2.0 to the more efficient Bluetooth 4.2 standard, and it looks like they may ditch AA batteries for built-in lithium-ion packs — you might not have to swap batteries ever again. While there aren’t any clues as to when Apple will deliver either the mouse or the keyboard, we won’t be shocked if the two show up alongside new Macs sometime later this year.